Home Learning

As parents are children’s first and most enduring educators, School house Nursery fully recognises the importance of parent partnership in the area of home learning. This requires a need of strong communication and support between parents and nursery.

School House Nursery is committed to sharing what activities and learning a child has experienced at nursery. This allows parents to continue and extend that learning at home.

Daily on the notice boards in the lobby and baby room, planned activities are recorded to share with parents. Additionally, home activities are suggested that are related to these activities and topics.

Each week parents are given an opportunity to take home a heuristic play bag with objects for you and your baby to explore at home. In the main nursery children take home Digger the dog and his diary to have exciting adventures at home that can be shared with the children on their return to nursery.

There is a home library where children can borrow books to read and share at home.

The pre school group have a letter bag that they take home to find objects beginning with letters.